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2020 - CHEER Update


This year we will be offering the following starting the week of 8/17/20.

Mondays – Tumbling at Grant Park @ 6 pm a 3 week commitment cost of $15

Wednesdays – Cheer Clinic at Grant Park – 6 pm to 8 pm.

Please bring Face Mask and water bottle.

Everyone is invited!!!

For more information please call Isabell at 708-833-5323.

Refunds are being issued at Grant Park – Tuesday, August 11th, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Must return raffle tickets.  Toni will be by the Football Shed.

Leyden Bears Board Members

Update of Safety Guidelines for 2020

The Leyden Bears Board have come up with these safety guidelines for the 2020 season. We tried to take a commonsense approach with the respect that all parents do not feel the same way about the Covid virus.  No matter how you feel we respect your decision.  We will have a final registration and equipment pick up on July 25th, 9am to 5pm at Grant Park Rec Center in the Gym.  Social distancing will be enforced.  Please bring your mask. 

I will be ordering jerseys on the 27th of July.  After that date, names will not be on the jersey.  The original guidelines sent to you or put on Facebook were sent to the conference as a guideline.  Please everyone, cooperate, and we can do this and be as safe as possible.

We will enforce these guidelines. 


1. Teams will be 30 feet apart when outdoors.

2. Coaches must wear face coverings.

3. Parents must wear face coverings and practice social distancing.

4. When children arrive to practice, they will report to a Coach or Team Mom who will screen them and take their temp. If they have a temp or do not feel well, they will be sent home and stay home for 2 weeks or get tested and come back with a negative test result.

5. Please avoid hugs, handshakes, chest pumps, etc.

6. During practice children must practice social distancing when possible.

7. Never share water bottles  

8. Please parents, when practice ends please grab your child and exit the park as quickly and safely as possible.

9. We have spray and wipes to clean the equipment.

10. The facility is sanitized daily.

11. Children are encouraged to shower when they get home.

12. This year we will limit contact during practice. If we do not have contact during practice, then we take the chance of our children getting hurt in the game.

13. Cheer will start practicing with tumbling, dance, jumps and sideline cheers. Stunts will follow with guidelines.

14. I have ordered mouth pieces that cover the whole mouth.


Parents - Other safety options are football gloves and helmet face shields.  Shields must be clear if you get one. The shields are not mandatory because they bother a lot of children whether it is with their breathing or eyesight.

GAMES --- We are working with the Conference to make sure that everyone is on the same page. So, some things might change but it will look like something like this:

1. Each team will be responsible to take the temp and screen their team as they report to the game. If they have a temp or are sick, they will be sent home right away.


3. Teams will check in quickly and weigh in with full equipment. No stripping to make weight. There will be an equipment allowance. Also, social distance between kids.

4. Coaches must wear masks.

5. Signage should be plentiful.

6. Children not in the games will practice social distancing on the sideline.

7. Cheerleaders will cheer from the end zones.

8. Post-Game -- No Handshakes

9. No spitting 

10. Balls will be sanitized throughout the game.

11. Refs will wear mask when in close contact with the kids.

12. Spectators will have to wear masks and social distance.

13.  Concessions will have to practice social distance and wear gloves and face coverings.

14.  After the Game, parents please exit the Park as quickly and safely as possible.

Bill Otte


For any concerns / questions please email Bill at:

Leyden Bears Football / Cheerleading

The Leyden Bears Football / Cheer Program is designed for boys and girls, Ages 5 – 8th Grade for Football and Ages 6 - 14 for Cheerleading.  It is open to all Northlake, IL and surrounding communities. 

This program introduces young people to the game of tackle Football and Cheerleading. We prepare them to play / Cheer on a high school level as well as building self-esteem and teaching them teamwork. Teams are coached by community volunteers.

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